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Consider a Custom Home Designed by Kenneth Homes

Finding the perfect home for your family and lifestyle is challenging when there are only a finite number of homes for sale in the Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton areas. Perhaps you’ve browsed the Toronto, ON housing market to no avail. If this is the case for you, it may be time to consider a custom home from Kenneth Homes. 

You can design your custom home to your exact specifications when you use an experienced homebuilder. We’ve built many a custom home in the Greater Toronto Area, and we’re excited to give you the home of your dreams. Don’t settle for mediocre; go custom!

Custom Homes Come with Benefits Beyond Design

The clear advantage of a custom home is the design flexibility, but there are many more benefits beyond that. Before construction even starts, you’ll be able to choose the location that works best for you. Look around for lots near Toronto, ON shopping centres and restaurants, or select someplace with a little more privacy from prying eyes.

Plus, a custom home often comes with the benefit of less maintenance since all of your appliances and materials will be brand-new. With newer appliances and HVAC systems comes greater energy-efficiency as well. That means lower utility bills for you and a thank you from the environment.

Kenneth Homes’ Builds Are More Affordable Than You Think 

Many prospective homeowners discount custom homes because they believe them to be too far outside their budget. While it’s true that custom home builds from Kenneth Homes seem to have a hefty price tag at the outset, you’ll recoup those costs in a variety of ways. We’ve already covered energy- and money-saving appliances, but also consider the cash you’ll save on renovations.

When you use an experienced Toronto homebuilder like Kenneth Homes, your custom home will be built to last. You won’t need to replace roofing, plumbing, or furnishings for years to come when you go custom. Although you may shudder at the initial expense, you’ll save yourself money and the hassle of replacements in the long run. 

Convinced by the Benefits of Custom Homes? Contact Us!

Hopefully, you’re starting to see a custom home in your future. Kenneth Homes has worked with many a client to create their dream custom home in the Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton areas. With a custom home, you can be as traditional or unconventional as you choose. Tailor your space to your family and lifestyle and allow for as many or few guests as you wish. Many of our clients also invest in game rooms, sunrooms, and guest suites. Get started on your custom home design today. Contact us to begin brainstorming ideas. 

Let's build something new!

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