We Create Thoughtful, Space-Conscious Floorplans

We have over 15 years of experience building beautiful homes for our customers. The process begins with a consultation and drawing. Between Burlington, ON clients can spend their time getting every detail just right. When you work with Kenneth Homes Design Build, you gain a partner who understands a home is more than a house – it is where you make memories that last a lifetime. Once we have hammered out the details, our team will set to work creating the drawings that form the basis of your custom home.

How to Prepare For The Blueprint Process

Designing a custom home is a rewarding experience; one every homeowner can treasure almost as much as the finished product. Every step is essential because they inform our blueprint processes. We’ll work with you, but it helps to have done your legwork, so you know what to expect and what to ask of our team. Before beginning, consider the following steps:


Architectural Style

We have experience building various styles, including colonial, cottage, country, craftsman, farmhouse, and ranch architecture. Look at photos of different architectural styles online to get a sense of what they offer before choosing one.


The Size of the Home

 First, you need to decide on house size. How big is your family? What kind of cleaning workload can you handle? Are you planning on having children or more children? Ask yourself these questions before moving forward.


The number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Along those same lines, ask yourself how many bedrooms and bedrooms you’ll need. Most people with families want enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the family. Others want to have a guest room for friends and family.



This is where it gets fun. How about a wine cellar or a finished home theatre room? We can incorporate uncommon spaces into your design, allowing you to put the finishing touch on your forever house.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

Once we finish your blueprint, we will walk through each detail to ensure your dreams are represented before we break ground. These blueprints will be exacting and detailed and include everything from room sizes, windows, skylights, fireplaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages. We’ll help you visualize the blueprint in terms of how your home will appear. Contact us today for a consultation.

Let's build something new!

We are located at 4380 Unit 3, South Service Rd. Burlington, ON  L7L 5Y5

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