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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Homes Burlington, ON

At Kenneth Homes Design Build, we transform dreams into reality. For over 15 years, we have found new ways to deliver on our promise of innovative design and customer service. We are proud to offer eco-friendly homes to Burlington, ON residents who wish to reduce their footprint and simultaneously live in a beautiful home. 

We can design a house that works for you and your family, one filled to the brim with gorgeous architecture and functional yet sustainable furniture. We offer quality workmanship and a sensible approach to home building, so contact us to get started.

How Sustainable Homes Work

When we design an eco-friendly home for our clients, we keep in mind what our clients want. But building an environmentally-conscious house goes a step further. We must consider a wide range of factors, all of which go toward reducing carbon footprints, eliminating electricity usage, and maximizing recycled materials. Sustainable homes have an endless array of features, including high thermal insulation, air-tightness, thermal mass, and more, such as:


Huge Windows

To minimize the need for lights during the daytime hours, we will install floor-to-ceiling or large windows throughout the home, especially in communal areas. These open spaces will make it possible to read and perform daily activities without using lamps.


Solar Panels:

Solar panels capture UV rays throughout the day and store the excess energy for use at night. They are a key component of any eco-friendly house because they negate the need for electricity and instead use the most sustainable source: the sun.


Natural Materials

We avoid plastics and other materials that are not recyclable. Instead, we construct your house from materials found naturally – such as wood. That includes not only the exterior of the home but the interior as well.


Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting rainwater and harvesting it for drinking and cooking is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your water bill. Provided some kind of filtration system treats the rainwater, it is perfect for domestic use.

Carbon Emissions and Your Home: What to Do

When we talk about carbon emissions, the conversation usually centers on automobiles, planes, and fossil fuel plants’ pollution. But we underestimate the emissions produced by houses. In Canada, a healthy percentage of the total emissions come from the daily use of electricity, water, gas, and more. If more people considered upgrading their homes to be more sustainable or built brand-new eco-friendly houses, the world would be a better place. By investing in an eco-friendly house, you will be doing your part to better the environment in which you live. But doing so isn’t enough. We believe in designing beautiful and striking houses our clients will adore for a lifetime.

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