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Planning a Home Addition in Burlington?
Choose Kenneth Homes!

Building a home addition feels like a far-off dream to many Toronto-area homeowners. However, home additions are much more available to you when you choose a reliable contractor like Kenneth Homes. We’re experts in building home additions, with experience adding bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more to too-small houses. 

If you’re outgrowing your home, don’t run to a real estate agent before you’ve considered a home addition to give you the space you need. Kenneth Homes serves the Greater Toronto Area, including Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville.

Why Expand with a Home Addition from Kenneth Homes?

At Kenneth Homes, we understand that home additions can seem like an enormous undertaking. While there is undoubtedly truth here, home additions are less stressful than you may think. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to a home addition in Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton, ON that make the endeavor worth the time and money, including:

Extra Living Space

We know this one’s obvious, but that doesn’t negate how beneficial it can be to have a little extra room. You’ll be able to spread out—no more kids’ toys in your home office or sharing bedrooms. 

No Need to Move

If you’ve outgrown your home, you may feel moving is your only option. However, with a home addition, this may not be the case. A home addition built by experienced contractors can fix many of the problems you have with your current home and eliminate the need to move for years to come. This is especially enticing if you already love your current neighbourhood.


Add to Your Property Value

Maybe you will want to sell your home in the future, and that’s perfectly fine. With a home addition, though, you’ll be able to ask a higher price for your home. Adding a master bathroom, second kitchen, or extra bedroom can all cause your property value to increase. 

How Will You Use Your New Space in Burlington, ON?

Your home addition is limited only by your imagination (and building codes). Kenneth Homes has helped homeowners add several different rooms to their Toronto properties. Master suites and expanded kitchens are among the top reasons that our clients come to us to build a home addition.

Other popular additions include prime entertaining space and additional bathrooms and bedrooms for a growing family. Some even choose to add an enclosed sunroom for relaxing after a long day at work. Whatever space you’d like added to your home, talk to Kenneth Homes about how we can make it happen. 

Start Brainstorming Ideas with Kenneth Homes

Just think of all the possibilities a home addition could offer you! You could complete a luxurious master suite, add another bedroom for a baby on the way, or even add a guest suite complete with a mini kitchen. Your Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, or Hamilton, ON home will be the talk of the town once your home includes a fully furnished sunroom or entertainment space. However you’d like to use your new space, Kenneth Homes can help give you the home you want and deserve. Contact us today to let us know your ideas for a home addition. 

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