This list is compiled from the informal survey taken from our construction squad and our clients – Ten gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year.

  1. Help with the garden – Front yard and back yard raked. One of our team members said front and back yard clean up is what his mother wants from him this year. His wife wants him to go help her parents on Mother’s Day too. He decided, both mothers will be getting flowers (again) this year!
  2. Planting a tree or shrub – A fruit tree is what my wife wants, said a new client. I hope the kids plant her the tree she wants so I don’t have to.
  3. Coordinating picture frames with family members pictures. I would like to get pictures of my grandchildren in nice frames said one senior client. I would then like my daughter to give me photographs of her children taken each year. I like to show them to my book club members. Looking at my grandchildren makes me very happy.
  4. Gift card to movies or shows – One client mentioned they hardly go out to movies or shows. Getting a gift certificate to a movie theatre might just do the trick she said
  5. Car detailed inside and out – This would be a great gift after the winter. A clean car is always welcomed by me and my wife said another long term client.
  6. Window Cleaning – Having the windows cleaned. I would like this as a Mother’s Day gift every year was the input from one of our newer clients.
  7. Day at the spa – seems to be a popular idea.
  8. One year fitness club membership close to home.
  9. Painting – Several clients mentioned getting a small room or the doors painted would a very nice gesture from their children. Even a statement wall would be very much appreciated said one of our clients living in Burlington. I wish I could get my son to paint one feature wall for me so it would brighten up the room.
  10.  Renovation – This was the most popular request. Everyone we talked to said getting all or at least part of the much required renovations paid for would be an amazing gift.

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