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About Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc. 

Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc. is a family owned and operated builder of new homes and home renovations. Servicing the GTA, including Halton & Hamilton with a family legacy in the construction industry for over half a century.

Brian started working for Streetsville Construction, a family owned company that was established in 1957. In 2008 he opened Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc., a division focused on residential building & renovations priding themselves on quality, service and integrity.

As a RENOMii user, Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc. understands that without proper communication between a homeowner and their contractor, situations that arise like change orders can become big headaches.  Managing change is a part of every job, whether it is the homeowner changing a product choice, or a hidden deficiency that couldn’t have been anticipated.  Using a renovation communications tool like RENOMii helps everyone stay on the same page throughout the project and eliminates the fear that homeowners feel when preparing to renovate.


Interview with Brian DosRamos, Owner of Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc:

What sets your company apart from other contractors out there?

There are a lot of great companies out there, but I believe what truly sets us apart is our company culture. We have great employees that all love what they do and love being a part of our company. Our employees are the reason that all of our clients enjoy the process and love what we build for them.


How has the construction/renovation business changed?

I watched my Dad quote jobs with a piece of paper and a pencil and the agreement was usually a hand shake.  Today, we prepare a detailed scope of work and contract for every job we do. The evolution of home renovations has both empowered homeowners, yet also instilled fear, making clear communications and managing expectations more important than ever.


How has using RENOMii helped you in managing homeowner communications and change orders?

We have been using RENOMii for roughly a year and it has definitely helped us with communication and change order management. Sometimes as we would move quickly through a project, we would not bill clients for extras. I knew we had a problem and that it was costing me money. With RENOMii I can submit a change order with a photo and price. Then I can call my client and discuss the change order, if needed. I don’t need to stop production on the jobs because I can obtain a quick approval from the clients in RENOMii. I know RENOMii is now saving us time and making us money.


How has this digital process changed your business?

The approval process was normally at least a day, if I wanted to explain it to the client and present the price in a professional manner including a written change order. The program simplifies and expedites the process, while maintaining our professional image, which is important to me. The approval tracking system in RENOMii is easy to use and facilitates payment collection, ensuring we get paid for all approved extras.  There can be no miss-understanding regarding what change orders there were and what was approved.


What advice would you give homeowners to help their renovation go as smooth as possible?

Educate yourself before you start the process. Your home is the biggest investment that you have. Do not take a renovation lightly!

Homeowner Checklist:

  • Know what you want and what you like.
  • Research the cost of a renovation that meets the quality you want. If you can’t afford it at the time, save.
  • Set realistic expectations. If you don’t know what to expect, talk to your contractor upfront.
  • Do not hire someone because they give you a cheap price that is not in line with the other bids.
  • Interview at least 3 contractors, for a larger renovation, addition, or new build.  We highly recommend that you interview more.
  • Research you contractor, check out their website and social media, and testimonials.
  • Get a written proposal and contract, review the details, make sure that all of the quotes you have are pricing the same scope of work.
  • Give your contractor as much information as possible, the more the better. You do not want to have any miss-understanding or miss-communications.
  • Check their references. Don’t skip this step! Have questions planned to ask the references.
  • Next, ask the contractor you use to use RENOMii for the duration of your project. Protect yourself, and ensure that they cannot charge you for any changes until you approve it in the program.


The Honest Truth

We understand better than anyone that it is next to impossible to change the way a contractor does business. Were you apprehensive about using RENOMii?

I thought that RENOMii was going to be difficult to use and to learn. I also thought that it would be extremely hard to get our clients to use it. To be honest, I actually didn’t expect to like the program, or to keep using it. I was wrong!


So we have clearly converted Brian, but what did your homeowners think?

The homeowners all love the program! The fact that we are using a program to keep ourselves accountable creates another level of trust with our clients. We have only heard good reviews from our homeowners.


Customer Service

As a recent Houzz Winner, tell us about the project you did that won Best Customer Satisfaction.

We did not win the Best of Houzz Award for one specific project. That is why we are so proud. We won the Customer Service award for the combination of all of our projects! That is why this award means so much to us. I could not be more proud of my team!

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