Improve Your Burlington Home with Kenneth Homes’ Renovations

We’ve all been there—your home is falling apart, every time you turn around something else is broken, and you wonder if it would be best just to move away. However, before you make such a life-changing decision, make sure that your home can’t be restored by expert home renovations from Toronto’s Kenneth Homes. 

We’re among the Greater Toronto Area’s top homebuilders, and we can take your home from dingy to polished. Our team can update all rooms of your home, from the bedrooms and bathrooms to your living room or family room. Check out our gallery for design inspiration.

Reaping the Benefits of Toronto Home Renovations

Sometimes there’s just no choice except to look for something new, but there are many reasons why renovations may be the best solution for you. The most apparent advantage of renovating instead of moving is the lower cost. Buying a new home is expensive, and so is hiring movers and taking time off work to transport all your belongings and unpack.

Renovations certainly cost time and money, but they’re also an investment you’ll take advantage of every day. Renovations can also make your space more comfortable without sacrificing the emotional attachment you have to your home. When you live somewhere for a long time, you’re sure to make memories and associate them with the space. It can be hard to leave such a place, but renovations mean you won’t have to.

Other benefits of home renovations include:

Less maintenance

Increased energy-efficiency

Better curb appeal

Higher property value

Popular Home Renovations by Kenneth Homes 

Kenneth Homes can help with renovations in any part of your home. We’ve done plenty of large-scale renovations that involve full kitchen removal and replacement, as well as smaller-scale projects like quick lighting installations. Popular home renovations requests that we receive in Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton, ON include:



Used in both the kitchen and bathroom, countertops are an integral part of your home’s usable space. Homeowners love the look of marble, the durability of granite, and the cost-effectiveness of laminate.



 Is it time for a change throughout your home? Consider brand-new flooring. Hardwood is all the rage, but carpet and tile are both tried-and-true varieties of flooring that could look excellent in your Toronto, ON home. 


New Appliances

Nothing streamlines the function of your kitchen like brand-new appliances. Choose energy-efficient models to lower your utility bills while increasing the style of your space.


Home Additions

Investing in a home addition is one of the best ways to add value to your home through renovation. You can add something practical like an extra bedroom or guest suite or build on something more luxurious such as a sunroom. The world is your oyster when it comes to home additions from Kenneth Homes. 

Plan Your Renovation with Experienced Toronto Homebuilders

No matter what parts of your home you’d like to renovate, Kenneth Homes is here to help. We service the Greater Toronto Area, including Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton, and have helped countless homeowners realize the home of their dreams. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to talk with our friendly staff about your renovation plans.

Let's build something new!

We are located at 4380 Unit 3, South Service Rd. Burlington, ON  L7L 5Y5

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